DiLand Software Updates

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How long will you receive all the updates?
Until 1 year from software activation. Check in Diagnostics -> About... the expiration date of the updates

How can you activate the subscription?
Ask your dealer.

How many updates will be released in a year?
There isn't a fix number. Depending on the new needs and requests, we expect from 2 to 4 updates per year.

How to read:

In BLACK the updates released to all

In RED the updates released to subscribers (one year subscription included into purchase of first license)

November 2016 updates

DiLand Kiosk Standard

  • possibility to change color scheme; colors available: black (default), white, brown, green.
  • New images for default digital signage (screen saver)

Diland Kiosk Standard, DiLand Kiosk DNP

  • General
    • settings: added new buttons: “user interface / skin" and "order settings"
    • on image selection screen there is possibility to enable a new button positioned close to the “change quantity button” to have one pop up screen to select multiple quantity and size in one step. The button must be enabled into order settings.
    • Added option to enable product search. Must be enabled into “order settings”. If active a search page will show at product selection screen if there are more than 10 products available
    • New change all button on order recap screen with possibility to apply also automatic correction
    • Improved CD and DVD writing reliability
    • On “settings / image editing” it is possible to set automatic correction to all the images before printing
    • In “storage services” it is possible to set image archival also on CD/DVD (plus USB as previously available). It is possible alos to set a price for these services.
    • New languages and new translations for receipt ticket
    • In case of insertion of a USB memory or a card the software will change automatically from screen saver to product selection screen
  • Photo sources
    • When loading from devices with folders, the folders have new icons to help selection.
    • Higher speed when loading images with cable from Android
    • new app (Apple and Android) and new software page for image loading from phones:
      • New: images are selected on the phone
      • In the Android app there is automatic connection to ad-hoc WiFi network
    • new AirPrint service: must be enabled into “photo sources”. It allows to receive images from iOS devices without installing any app
    • new social networks: Google DriveGoogle PhotosDropbox. Removed Picasa because the service is no more available.

New social networks

New social networks



New apps

New mobile apps with new sending method

DiLand Kiosk Standard, DiLand Studio

  • Output profiles and products
    • Added support of SILK and FINE ART MATTE for D700/DX100
    • On DKS output it is possible to setup crop of images to be performed by minilab (no cropping made by the kiosk)
    • On Noritsu and Fuji C8 output it is possible to split orders into sub-orders (as an example, a 300 prints order may be set as 3 orders of 100 images each)
    • On Canvas setting it is possible to set also the part of image which will fall into the back of the frame (to have a more realistic preview)

DiLand Kiosk Standard, DiLand Kiosk DNP, DiLand Studio

  • On “Products” -> “generate” it is possible to create all type of products (instead of prints only)
  • Passport pictures
    • New product “International Passport” : during the workflow it is possible to select a country and all data for that country will be automatically loaded.
    • On Passport product settings it is possible to “Load from template” to automatically load settings for a specific country.
    • Automatic cropping (FaceMatic): face is automatically detected and positioned according to passport parameters settings
    • New parameter "Logo": it is possible to set a logo to be printed onto the passport prints sheet (idea is to allow retailer logo to be printed on passport prints sheet)
    • New Biometric Passport product: by purchasing an additional license, it is possible to perform an automatic check of the image (closed eyes, background uniformity and color, face size and position, dark glasses etc.). As an option, Biometric check data can be printed on a separat print
  • Passport pictures

    New features for passport pictures

  • DNP Printers
    • Support for new DS820
    • Support for new panorama prints with DS620 and DS820
    • Firmware update button for DS620 and DS820
    • In printer status it is available also firmware version information
    • New Luster and Fine Matte finish for DS620 and DS820
    • Color profile and color correction can be set for each printer and for each finish

Panorama prints

Supported formats for panorama prints

Creative design

  • New “Instagram like” filters
  • New theme automatic: it is possible to setup creative products to automatically have a customer image as background
  • On “change background” it is now possible to select backgrounds out of all themes
  • New layouts
  • On themes settings it is possible to add also a drop down shadow. This in addition to colored border which was also previously available.
  • Updated festivities for additional countries
  • New screen for calendar parameters selection
  • New styles for calendars selectable by user during workflow

Calendar style

Calendar style choice

Datestamp style

Datestamp style choice