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DiLand Kiosk 2 software features

DiLand Kiosk 2 is a touchscreen software designed to create digital print orders in an easy and convenient way. Mouse input is also supported. Have an overview of the Diland Kiosk 2, watch video!

T-shirts, pillows, cups: setup your photo gifts!

With DiLand Kiosk 2 you can easily setup your photo gift items: watch the video!

Photo Kiosk

Self service Kiosk designed for photo retailers

Discover the wide range of photo kiosks dedicated to self-service creation of digital prints orders via touch screen user interface. Simplicity at the touch of your customers.
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DiLand Kiosk Software

DiLand Kiosk, software for the photo retailer.

Software application to create print orders from digital images: passport, cards, posters, gifts, photobooks, calendars, contact sheet.
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DiLand Events Software

DiLand Fun Software

DiLand Fun, software application designed for event photography, amusement parks, holiday resorts, cruise ships...
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DNP Printers Software

DNP Printing Software

Special version of DiLand kiosk software dedicated to DNP printers. Works only with DNP DS40, DS80, DS-RX1 and DS620 dye sub printers.
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